Welcome to the Emerald Class Page

Welcome to our class page! We are a mixed Year 1 and 2 class and our teacher is Mrs Kerrigan. Mrs Munro works with us every morning.
Our topic for the term is ‘Memory Box’.
Here is a brief overview of what we are learning this half term as well as other organisational information:


English  We begin with a two week ‘Pattern and Rhyme’ Poetry unit.
 This is followed by 3 weeks on ‘Stories with familiar settings’. We have chosen ‘Not Now Bernard’ by David McKee as our key text for this unit.
 We finish with a two week unit on Recount writing. (A recount text retells something that has already happened)
Phonics / Spelling Each day the children will have a short focused phonics / grammar /spelling and punctuation lesson with either Mrs Munro or myself (these lessons are planned and taught separately for Y1 and Y2)
We will shortly be sending out spelling books for children to practise weekly spellings at home. This is what we are focusing on this half term:

Year one
 Learn alternative ways of spelling phonemes learnt last year (e.g: ai/ay ee/ea ie/igh)
 Learn to read, write and spell ‘tricky words’ (e.g.: people, some, come)
 Learn to read, write and spell compound words year (e.g.: classroom, playground)
 Learn to read, write and spell the days of the week
 Practise reading and writing captions and sentences Year Two
 Learn to spell homophones (same word – different meaning and spelling e.g. sea/see flour/flower)
 Learn to read, write and spell the following words: even, house, hour, beautiful, find, kind, mind, behind, child/ren, wild, old, cold, gold, hold, told, whole
 Learn to read, write and spell contractions: E.g. Can’t, didn’t, hasn’t, couldn’t, it’s, I’ll
 Practise reading and writing captions and sentences


Maths  We begin with a 3 week unit on addition and subtraction.
 This is followed by 3 weeks on multiplication and division
 We finish this half term with a week on fractions
We will keep you updated with things that you can do at home to support learning in maths in your child’s home activity book.


Science This half term we will be learning about Animals and Humans. This will include:
 Describing and comparing a variety of common animals (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals including pets)
 Identifying naming, drawing and labelling the basic parts of the human body.
 Learning which part of the body is associated with each sense.
 Finding out about and describing the basic needs of animals, including humans.


History  We will be looking at past, present and future events in our own lives as well as our families. We will be sharing memories from when we were younger and we will be looking back at the lives of our grandparents and parents.
 We will be learning about toys (old and new). In preparation for this we would like all children to bring in a favourite (non electronic) toy to keep in class for the half term (if possible). This could be a toy that they play with now or one from when they were younger.


    Please send toys into school on Monday 12th September.
 We will be visiting Cusworth Hall to take part in a ‘Timeline of Toys’ workshop


PE This half term our PE days are Tuesday afternoon (outdoor games) and Friday afternoon (gymnastics in the hall). Please ensure that children have their named PE kit on their peg ready for PE (a named carrier bag is fine)
 The children will require indoor and outdoor PE kit (TEAM COLOUR OR WHITE T-SHIRT AND DARK SHORTS, PUMPS OR TRAINERS). Children can wear tracksuit/jogging bottoms and a ‘hoodie’ or tracksuit top if they would like to for outdoor PE.
 Please make sure that all PE kit and school uniform is clearly named and check regularly that their name is still clearly visible. This is really important. We have 26 children getting changed at the same time and despite our best efforts clothes do get mixed up!
 Please ensure that ear-rings are removed and kept at home on PE days


Below to the right is a slideshow and a link for the slideshow of us making bread! Have a look.

School reading books and diaries must be sent into school every day. In addition to reading individually your child will engage in planned group guided reading activities with an adult in school.


Home Activities will be sent home in a home activity bag each Monday (starting Monday 12th September). Please return home activities every MONDAY. Your support with home activities is vital and much appreciated. If there is anything that you’re not sure of please ask (after school where possible)


All children are encouraged to have a water bottle in school every day. These are kept in the classroom and enable your child to have regular drinks throughout the day. Please ensure that their bottle is named and is filled with plain water (no flavoured water or juice please)


Please remind your child that if they have letters, slips or anything else that needs to be seen or go to the school office they need to put it in the blue register tray at the start of the day. There have been instances whereby children have missed out on something because reply slips were left in bookbags rather than handed in to go to the office. Alternatively things can be handed into the office or to a member of school staff on the door in the morning.


Important things to remember in Emerald class:
Monday Home activity book and bag Reading book and diary
(Every day) Water bottle
(Every day)
Tuesday Outdoor PE kit
Wednesday Recorder
Friday Indoor PE kit

Class mascots: Because of the split class we have two mascots in Emerald Class. Year 1 children will be taking it in turns to bring home ‘Milly the Maths Monster’. Year 2 children have ‘Wordy the Writing Monster’.
Dates for your diary

Parents’ evening
Trip to ‘Cast’ to see ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ Pantomime

• Cusworth Hall school trip - Monday 19th September
• Harvest Festival - Tuesday 11th October
• Parents’ evening - Monday 17th and Wednesday 19th October
• Trip to ‘Cast’ to see ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ Pantomime - Wednesday 7th December (details to follow)