Welcome to Quartz Class

Hello, my name is Miss Barnett and I am the teacher in Quartz Class. We are one of the year 5 classes along with Ruby Class. 

About Me

This will be my second year at Dunsville Primary School and I am really looking forward to getting to know my new class and all the exciting things we have planned for the year. 

I love teaching all subjects, but science is one of my favourites as I like completing experiments to find out new things. My other favourite subjects are art and maths because I think they are really fun! In year 5, our topics will be the Vikings, Ancient Greece and Mountains.

When I’m at home, I like to keep busy and enjoy dancing and swimming. I also like colouring, baking and watching films. I have two rabbits called Mitzi and Magic who are 3 months old.

This page will tell you everything you need to know about our class. Let’s have a look at what’s going on in Quartz!


Things to remember!

Homework - children will receive homework every Monday which will need to be handed in the following Monday.

Reading - as part of their homework, it is important that the children try to read as much as possible. They need to make sure that they bring their reading books and blue reading diaries every day.

Times tables - another important part of homework is to try and practice times tables. Children should know these off by heart and be able to recall them. 

PE - this term we will have PE on a Thursday and Friday. Children need to bring their PE fit for every session.


Here you can find all the information about what we are learning about throughout the year. 


 Quartz Class Timeline 2017/18

June 2017 - Transition Day

On the 20th and 21st of June we had our transition days. This was a chance for us to meet our new class. It was an exciting and nerve racking morning as all the children gathered in the hall to find out who their new teacher would be. 

Over the two days, we carried out lots of different activities whilst getting to know our new classmates. We wrote letters to our future selves about how we had found the day and we gave ourselves targets for the future. When we look at these again at Christmas, we will be able to see if we have met them.

We also created some art work linked to our topic of Ancient Greeks. After finding out information about the Greeks pottery and the stories they told we were able to create our own. These vases displayed images of our daily lives and hobbies.

Finally, we spent some time thinking about what we wanted our new Quartz class to be like. We worked together to come up with suggestions for our class rules. These will ensure that we have the best time we can in year 5.